The Bria Homes are a worthy investment for the future

Deborah K. Vick

The term “location, location, location” may be overused, but if you’re buying real estate anywhere, location remains the most important factor. In the market for a home, the typical idea is to find one that is near a central location, such as Metro Manila, and close to places such as schools, offices, healthcare facilities, and retail centres.

A common caveat of Metro Manila homes for sale is their high cost and modest size, due to the lack of developable land. Consequently, many rent their homes and make due with a smaller place even if their preference is a larger house.

A larger space

The cost of a central address may not be affordable for everyone, and it is not everyone’s preference either. It is just as important to choose a location that is accessible as it is to select a location that is centrally located. There’s even more to it than that.

There are larger properties available outside big cities, which is an advantage. With a little more distance from major commercial districts, home buyers can enjoy larger floor plans and larger yards at typically lower prices compared to the city.

Covid-19’s ongoing pandemic has also shown us that some jobs can be accomplished at home successfully. Because many companies will continue to use remote work long after the health crisis, living in the city may not be as appealing as it once was-because going to an actual office will be less frequent, but more space will be needed for home offices.

Not always being near places is what matters, but how to get there

Affordable larger houses and lots do not imply a lack of access to major thoroughfares, as there is always a good reason to go into the city. The decision comes down to whether a substantial sized home or proximity to the commercial district is more important to you.

You can also consider properties that are infrastructure oriented, meaning that they are located near major thoroughfares or are projected to be accessible to them.

What would be an example? BRIAN HOUSES. Many of Bria Homes’ upcoming communities are strategically located along existing and future infrastructure projects, which will facilitate Filipino travel much easier than it was before. With fifty projects in the Philippines and counting, Bria Homes’ houses are expected to prove valuable to homeowners.

The Bria Mariveles project is one of them. As the starting point of the Bataan-Cavite Interlink Bridge that connects Mariveles to Naic, Cavite, the project’s namesake and municipality will be highly sought after by new residents.

Similar to Bria San Jose del Monte in San Jose del Monte in Bulacan, Bria San Jose del Monte will be a desirable residential location after completion of the Metro Rail Transit Line 7 (MRT-7).

Antipolo station, built under the LRT-2 East Extension project, will start operating in April 2021, making it ideal for those wishing to live and/or invest in Rizal. The LRT-2 eases travel between the province and different areas of Metro Manila, while also providing a more convenient way for residents of communities such as Bria Baras and Bria Montalban to enjoy their traditional houses and lots within easy reach of the capital.

Investing now allows you to be ahead both in terms of price and simply to be ahead as more infrastructure projects are completed and transportation and technology continue to advance.

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