Top Places To Live In The Usa: Atlanta Georgia




Top Places to Live in the USA: Atlanta Georgia 

Atlanta, Georgia topped Money Magazine’s 2022 list of “Best Places to Live.”  The magazine cites trendy examples for Atlanta’s popularity.  These represent the frosting.  The grace and beauty, creativity and ingenuity of the Atlanta area has long taken the cake.

A destination itself, the Southern city lies in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains.  Atlanta features the densest urban tree coverage of any major city in the United States.  Its rolling hills and lush greenery produce a calming effect midst the city bustle.


A Sense of Belonging 

Atlanta happens to be the number one place where “anyone can feel like they belong.” The medium-size city itself is home to under 500,000 residents.  The culture and economy overcome much.  Some writers call Atlanta the New York City of the South. 

Kristen Bahler delves into the ethnic cultures and activities available in Atlanta.  (See Money Magazine (09/29/2022),”Real Estate Best Places to Live.”)  The author weaves a tapestry.  She talks of ethnicity, culture, and initiatives.  In the end, she points to Atlanta’s anticipation of 2.5 million more new residents by 2040.  We’re talking about a total of 8 million residents within the 11 counties in the commutable area.  Sounds like “big city” is in the tea leaves.


Affordable Atlanta Real Estate 

Modern Atlanta properties offer residents an active lifestyle.  Live-work-play residences Downtown and Midtown, for example.  High-rise condos in Downtown Atlanta provide comfortable living near employers and the international airport.

Investments in Atlanta real estate should hold for the long run.  Currently, median sales prices for homes in Atlanta total $400,000.  This is more affordable than other promising cities on the 2022-2023 Money list.  

Built in the bucolic rolling forests, Atlanta suburbs provide 360° of distinctive suburbs.  Atlanta condos and homes for sale comprise hundreds of neighborhoods inside the Beltway.   Storybook-looking homes in historic districts blend into the outlying communities.  There golf course homes in planned communities and estate homes still nestle in the towering pine.


Eclectic Economy

Money points out the undercurrent of “shared responsibility that feels very of-the-moment” present in Atlanta.  The city incubates many small and community-centered economies.  As the cost of living increases, so businesses and employment opportunities have appeared.  Entrepreneurs almost sprout in the fertile ground of the encouraging culture.  A medley of talented people have joined in to reinvigorate the 175-year-old Atlanta.  They include –real estate developers and employers from expensive cities.

Bahler also weaves in the opportunities available for Black people in Atlanta.  This is “the proud hometown of Martin Luther King Jr.”  Encouraging opportunities through investment and corporate diversity keep popping up, for example.

Along the way the author touches on Atlanta’s tremendous opportunities.  For one, the city includes reputable universities such as Georgia Tech.  Atlanta now has offices for big companies like Apple, Microsoft, and Alphabet.   Calendy and a collection of startups have Atlanta locations.  Tech incubators and venture capital firms also offer jobs with higher incomes.


Places to Go

Atlanta features relaxed and cosmopolitan attractions to create memories.  It’s a rich lifestyle.   It would take a lifetime to sample the culinary crafts of hundreds of eateries.  You could take bicycle trips through parks and green spaces.  Or start along the walking trails wending through the city.  You’ll notice key people on the move, out enjoying the fabulous weather.  Others stop off at the large puppetry or music museums.

Dress up a bit for the symphonies, opera, and theater.  Or maybe not as you join the gamers, check out street art, or discover other interesting stops.  Atlanta features professional sports teams and stadium events as well.


Atlanta – A Host City

The benefits in Atlanta attract large conventions and gatherings.   After the 1996 Olympics, the city’s infrastructure grew to meet the needs of tourism.  The efficient Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport gives us access to the world.  Exceptional restaurants, caterers, and hoteliers lure tourists, companies, and organizations.  Add fast rail and mass transit capabilities.  And Atlanta produces the extra events with her welcoming grace and agility.


A Growing City up to the Challenge

Some notice Atlanta’s challenges.  Money Magazine chose to highlight what the city is doing to solve its shortcomings.  Community members, politicians, business leaders, and organizations strive on.  They seek to maintain a sense of prosperity in metropolitan Atlanta.

Atlanta invites the talent and resources she needs to become even more than a Best Place to Live.  The motto, Resurgens, demands it.  It’s Latin for Rising again, alluding to the myth of the phoenix bird.  There’s nothing stopping Atlanta from becoming a Golden Age City.

The hearty sensibilities of Atlanta produce a perfect blend of culture and quirkiness.   See for yourself.


Realtors – Atlanta Georgia

Call Anthony Acosta, Associate Broker, Atlanta HorizonView Group at 404-797-9907.  Or visit ALLATLANTACONDOS.COM to learn about Atlanta real estate.


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