How To Design A Smart Home In 2022

Deborah K. Vick

Smart homes are the Technology of tomorrow and this is all about front thinking. Using automated technology fitted with IoT gadgets remote handling is possible. 


If you are someone who is forward-thinking in nature, you are called SMART. But if you are forward-thinking then why don’t you think that your thoughts get reflected in your HOME.

Why can’t the home in which you live be made smart?

Well, SMART homes are the answer to providing security and safety in the future. This is a futuristic idea that involves making the best out of the automated technologies like smart alarm, smart lighting, smart doorbell, and many more that are available at your hand.

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In this article, we will discuss the Smart Ideas or devices that will indeed ensure a futuristic way of controlling your home from remote places and devoid of any physical presence.

Smart Homes: Concept

Smart Homes include connection or fitting of Internet of Things Devices (IoT). These devices will be connected to the Internet which will leverage the control of homes from far-off places.

There are many devices that are connected through devices like Voice Assistant. Through Artificial Intelligence using powerful sensors, the devices could tell some scenario or suggest something that you generally want. This is all that automation could really do with you.

For example, you keep your Milk in the freezer from Thursday to Sunday. Smart Home Devices would tell you on Wednesday that there is no milk as Thursday is already coming. This is a SMART operation.

The sensors and Artificial Intelligence do all these tricks to make your Freeze feel for you.

Smart Homes: Pros And Cons

There are different benefits that Smart homes could provide you. These benefits are immense and make life easier for you.

A. You are paying higher bills every month than expected!!! You can’t make out how you would control the surmounting bills.

Smart Technologies provide enough control in optimizing energy use. This will make sure that it adjusts temperature, turns off the lights when nobody is there, and even adjust irrigation based on the weather forecast!!

Isn’t it interesting enough ???

B. Secondly a perfect smart apartment would help dictate the areas where you need to use more energy by cutting the source where less energy is required.

This smart calculation enables you to optimize energy as well as save your energy and money.

C. Thirdly, Smart Technologies fitted homes would enable you to make vital decisions. Suppose a person is about to enter the house at some unexpected time and you are away.

Sensors would immediately catch the undetermined entity and provide an intimation.

This would enable you to make a decision whether to open the door or not. Even if your 6-year kid tries to open the door, it would not be able to do so.

This denotes that AI-fitted Technologies allow you to make decisions on operating your homes minus human intervention.

Other than these there are other benefits like Increased value of Home and Insurance Incentives.

Though it is all good yet there are slight areas where we can say SMART homes are bad.

  • Initial Investment.
  • Power Intensive.
  • Advanced Devices might not perform best when there is a lack of insufficient Internet Connection.

Well….everything in the world has its pros and cons but it can not be denied that SMART homes are meant for tomorrow…and they are extremely satisfactory and beneficial.

Smart Home Ideas

There are different existing Smart Ideas and new ideas pouring in these days. These new ideas give rise to Smart Gadgets that are beneficial for you in optimizing future Technologies.

These ideas will help designing your Smart Homes:

1. You could  Manage the Temperature of Appliances using a Smart Thermostat.

2. Gadgets like Google Homes or Amazon Echo would allow you to order, control household

devices, search the web, turn on music, tell some Jokes….kidding.

3. You could streamline your chores with Smart Applications. Your home Applications would be fitted with Artificial Technology that will allow it to make decisions of its own.

For example, your TV dictates automatically controls sound when your mom is watching some morning songs. Even the songs or tunes would be compatible with the Present mood at Dawn. This is what you call really smart.

4. You would be able to monitor your home with Smart Security Alerts. The AI-Fitted Technology at home would be connected to your Cell Phone via Internet Connections. You can control every movement of your house sitting from the office.

5. Smart Locks are another Futuristic  Idea. This will make a list of people who are coming throughout the entire day. Your son’s friend comes home every evening. Face Detector will automatically detect the face and let your son’s friend enter immediately.

Designing Smart Homes?? Here Is What You Require

Your Smart home could not be made automated through one single technology but there could be a congregation of technologies that would make your home smart. You could use these devices to design your Smart Houses  These devices are discussed below:

1. Wi-Fi

Wi-fi allows your IoT device to connect quickly to the Internet extremely fast. This is done using radiofrequency Technology that is mostly connected using some form of Wi-Fi Technology. You could provide commands with your mobile App.

2. Bluetooth

It is a wireless technology through which you could connect your mobile with some SMART speakers. This very technology functions using Short Wavelength radio waves.

This cuts down the wire connection and it functions completely, making it completely automated. Examples could be  Wireless Mouse and keyboards.

3. Alexa

Alexa would be your voice assistant to your echo speaker.  Alexa Technologies has unending capacities and world as a smart Assistant to you whenever you require it. Alexa Technologies are AI-fitted that has the capacity to dictate the speed of cars.

4. Smart Light Bulbs

Are you really tense at the end of the month with bills? Fit Smart Light Bulbs and you will see what it does for you. Smart light Bulbs automatically adjust the intensity with Temperature and natural light.

5. Smart Security System

You could be able to ensure the security of your home using a congregation of sensors like Motion Sensors, Recessed Entry Sensors, Garage Door Sensors, Glass Break Sensors, and others.


Your Smart System is evolving with time. Companies are relentlessly engaged in their R&D to ensure that your home is Smarter with the passage of time.

They ensure that you fit in Start-of-the Art Technology that will make your Tension free.

Therefore it could be understood that Smart Homes are for your Today as well as Tomorrow and it is the requirement of time.

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