Asbestos Abatement, Service & Removal


Introduction Asbestos abatement, Asbestos testing, service & removal. Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral fiber that has been used in many building materials, including insulation and roofing shingles. The use of asbestos has declined over the past few decades because of its health risks, which include lung cancer and mesothelioma. […]

Retirement plan with real estate investment


Investing is hard at any point in life, but at the time of retirement, it is even more challenging. At this time, you want your assets to be safe and secure to keep your life at a good pace. You cannot afford to do something wrong. At this stage of […]

Real Estate Investing Via Web 2.0

Deborah K. Vick

Post bubble recessionary real estate investing in a networked world pretty much nails this discussion, grab your web surf board and enjoy the ride. In this article, I show you what is working in real estate today and how to use the web and automation to create stimulus you can […]