All You Need to Know About Furnace Repair Services

Deborah K. Vick

Whether you need a furnace repair or duct cleaning service, calgary furnace Services are available throughout Calgary. Emergency furnace repair is available from FurnacePRO on call for customers in Calgary and surrounding areas. Other furnace services offered by FurnacePRO include furnace maintenance, inspection, repair, replacement, and installation.

Factors that can affect the efficiency of a furnace

Many factors can affect the efficiency of a furnace. When these factors are identified, furnace repair services can be scheduled and completed as needed to maintain efficient operation. A trained technician can customize efficiency improvements that are achieved by replacing inefficient equipment or adding insulation to ductwork.

Services to keep central furnace systems running efficiently

Some of the most common furnace repair services are issues with thermostats, condensation, leaks, low efficiency, and ducts. Most equipment providers offer various options for these issues. Some companies also offer repairs and replacements for heaters, furnaces, water heaters, dryers, and furnace filters. The technicians offer services to keep central furnace systems running efficiently. Many technicians offer a warranty on their work, which allows customers to receive extended service plans for furnace repairs and replacements.

Cleaning services

Furnace repair service provides cleaning services for filters, heating coils, evaporator coils, and other parts. When cleaning is required, some professionals use environmentally safe products that clean and disinfect the heating and cooling components. After the cleansing and disinfection, technicians place the equipment back into service.


An oil furnace uses oil as a coolant to maintain the operating temperature. Over time, the motor of an oil furnace can become blocked with dirt, grease, and debris. If the furnace is maintained regularly, it will run more efficiently and prevent overheating. Most technicians recommend that owners use a drain pan and funnel to remove excess oil from the system.

Checking for leaks, cracks, damage, or missing parts

The cooling systems inside a home need to be checked periodically for problems. Problems with the water pump, condenser, refrigerant, or evaporator coil can cause a homeowner to pay extra for heating and cooling costs. When technicians perform furnace repair services, they can check for leaks, cracks, damage, or missing parts. They can even provide you with an estimate for the heating and cooling costs, which allows homeowners to save their money.


A furnace service technician can provide furnace repair services for older furnaces. Homeowners can purchase furnace inspection kits, which contain all of the tools necessary to conduct a thorough inspection. These kits come with instructions for reading furnace logs, testing for safety and efficiency, and cleaning and lubricating moving parts. If the furnace has a worn-out fan or blower, servicing the blower or replacing the filter can increase efficiency. It can also decrease the amount of money that homeowners pay for furnace operating costs.


Many furnace repair services technicians are trained in maintenance methods that are specific to their trade. Technicians who work on heating systems should be certified by the furnace industry to perform furnace repairs. Many homeowners choose to call an emergency technician instead of calling a furnace service technician because of the costs involved with furnace repairs.

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