Hot Tub Covers: 10 Benefits

Deborah K. Vick
Hot and Covered: Why a Hot Tub Cover is a Must-Have

Every hot tub or spa owner will tell you that the key to protecting, enjoying, and getting the most out of your investment is what you do on top of it!  An appropriate cover can save you money in the long run. When not in use, don’t leave your spa unprotected, just as you wouldn’t leave the door to your home wide open.

Master Spa Parts offers 10 of the benefits of a custom cover for your hot tub.

1. Safeguards. Protection. Protection.

Especially if you have young children in your home, safety is the first and most important aspect of enjoying your spa.  Never leave a child unsupervised in a spa.  Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a well-fitting cover that has locks to prevent children from entering accidentally.  After using your Hot Tub Cover for a while, you may become accustomed to opening and closing the cover. So, make sure the cover is locked and properly placed EVERY time to make it childproof.

2. Hot tubs should be kept hot

If you wish to keep your hard-earned coin in your pocket while operating your spa, a great cover will do the trick.  Your heater runs less frequently since your insulation prevents heat loss and keeps your hot tub water at the right temperature.  Water-logged covers are no longer insulating your spa, so it is time to replace them!

3. More use equals more fun

You can enjoy your spa even more by keeping it ready with a cover!

4. Enjoy a relaxing spa session in privacy

Covers, such as the Smartop Cover , can double as privacy screens when you’re getting into the spa. In addition to CoverMate Cover Lifters or Ultra Lifts, other covers can create a cosy space with limited wind and visibility for those outside the tub.

5. Don’t let the tub run out of water

An effective hot tub cover will keep the water in your spa from evaporating.

6. Chemical losses are reduced

Without a cover, your spa’s water evaporates and evaporates.  Likewise, your water’s chemicals float away!  Your spa water will remain chemically balanced with a cover, which will reduce the cost of operating your spa.

7. Look your best

Keeping your hot tub in good working order is very easy with a hot tub cover.  But don’t let that stop you from having fun.  You can match the colors and design of your spa’s cover to make it look more polished and finished. You can choose from 18 different colors of custom made covers at Master Spa Parts.

8. It’s Easy Do It

By choosing the right hot tub cover, even a single person can easily use the spa.  Many integrated and add-on hot tub cover lifters eliminate the need to struggle with heavy hot tub covers.  Even people with limited physical abilities can enjoy their hot tub with the turn of a key.

9. Only invitations will be accepted

Keeping surprise guests out of your hot tub is a good idea.  Pets, insects, or even strangers tempted to steal a drink from the hot tub – a lockable cover will prevent you from discovering an uninvited guest has visited.

10. Hot tubs are the best!

Hot tub covers give the mechanical parts of your spa an extended life.  The filter and pump are protected from blockages and overuse by the cover, which keeps out dirt, grime, leaves, and debris.Our belief is that there are some things in life that belong together, and that includes your spa AND its cover. You can save a lot of money, increase safety, and have more fun in your spa or hot tub if you buy a cover for it!  We are ready to assist you in selecting the best coverage option for your spa.

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