Pool Accessories and Essentials for Summer

Deborah K. Vick
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Summer is coming, and with it comes barbecues, picnics, and beach days. But first, you need to get your pool ready for the season! Whether you want to cool down with a refreshing dip or just relax in the water after a long day at the beach, this blog will give you tips on the equipment essentials that will make a difference this summer.

What to Get?

Robotic Vacuums

If you’re considering a thorough cleaning before opening your above-ground swimming pool for summer, you may want to invest in a robotic vacuum. This is highly recommended than the suction and pressure varieties because it’s more convenient. Learn more about these cleaners in this link here.

Other advantages include the vacuums that are not running off the pumps, unlike the traditional varieties. This can save you a lot of money because you only use half of the electricity you may have needed with the conventional vacuum.

Safety Essentials

If you have children, you may want to have a few safety items on hand. This will include a ring buoy, first aid kit, ropes, float lines, and safety hooks. These items should be ideally located in a well-marked area and easily accessible for everyone to use. The buoys should not have any puncture holes, and they should generally be in excellent condition.

Test Kits

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Other important considerations include the test kits that will let you know the levels of chlorine, pH, bromine, and other chemicals that you have in the pool. These above ground pool opening supplies are available on various websites, and they will prevent problems for the swimmers. You may want to consider the chemistry cases as they have easy-to-use kits that will measure the total alkalinity, acid demand, pH, chlorine, and bromine in the water.


The skimmers will get rid of debris, insects, and leaves from the surface of the water. Also, it can catch the “icky” stuff with its double-stitched nets and nylons that are held by an aluminum frame. This can be used to be attached to a standard pole and act as an extension, or you can utilize it as it is. This will give you a more extended reach for effective cleaning.

Inflatable Drink and Food Holder

There’s no need for guests and family to get out of the water when they are hungry. With the inflatable drink and food holder, they will be able to get the chilled beverages in the middle of the pool and drink to their heart’s content. This is where you can also store your favorite snacks. With rainbow colors and cloud bottoms, this is an ideal summer accessory that you should not miss out on.  

About the Safety Features

Safety features for an outdoor pool are essential to consider during warmer months. The most important of these is the filter, which keeps debris from entering the water. To help with sanitation, make sure that you have a surface skimmer handy as well. 

Having a water line filter is also essential for filtering any particles that may contact the water. Other features don’t just necessarily cover the cleanliness of the water, but they will keep your loved ones from trouble. Here are other things that you may want to consider adding.


Fences will keep smaller children out of trouble. This is especially important if you have animals or toddlers in your home. Curious pooch or wandering children can easily fall into the water, especially if no one is around watching them. With these safety features, you’ll be able to close off the entire swimming pool from the rest of the garden, making sure that no one will get in without adult supervision.

Alarm Systems

The fences may be a great way of making sure people don’t use the pool when no one is around, but it’s not foolproof. If a toddler unlatches the fence accidentally, they can easily access the swimming pool and get into an accident. This is why threshold alarms are very important. Get more info about alarm systems and other safety features on this page: https://www.safewise.com/blog/gadgets-will-keep-swimming-pool-safe/

Others are going with the surface wave sensors that can ripple the top of the water and alert the owners when someone is trying to trespass. The subsurface disturbance sensors are also helpful for monitoring any disturbances around.

Covers and Nets

If you grew up on a property with a swimming pool, you might already be familiar with covers and nets. The nets serve as barriers between the water and people. They are strong and durable, which will prevent a person from falling into the water by mistake. Know that nearly all of the owners have these safety features in their homes, and they are generally easy to install.

The covers will also protect leaves, insects, and more, and they can prevent chlorine loss if installed correctly. You can enjoy swimming and splashing in the cold waters of your pool when you have the essentials ready for summer, so make sure to plan ahead.

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