Flaunt Your Beauty With the Elegance Of Black Top Hats

Deborah K. Vick
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Hats are a must-have accessory in your closet these days. For men and women, both hats are a great styling option. Traditionally hats are used as protection from the sun. But nowadays, hats are also worn with different outfits to complete the look. Hats can be an awesome replacement for all the heavy accessories you want to avoid.

All you need to do is just pair up your hat with the right outfit. The amazing thing about hats is that you can exclude all your other accessories after wearing a hat. A hat itself is a complete accessory. Hats can be worn in any season and with any outfit. Moreover, hats are the perfect fit for both formal and informal occasions. Whether it’s an official meeting or a friend’s birthday bash, you can always carry your hat along. There are different types of hats available in the market. Like straw hats, cowboy hats, top hats, etc.

Among these, all top hats are the commonest and most popular ones. So, this blog will give you complete information a styling guide for top hats. So read along to know how you can style with top hats.

What are top hats?

Top hats have been a part of hat fashion since time immemorial. They are most sophisticated and dominating in all the available hat varieties. John Hetherington first wore the top hat in 1797. Since then, the trend of top hats has never gone outdated. The foremost reason for this is that top hats pair up with almost every outfit. 

They complement well each look and every outfit. Whether formal, informal, traditional or modern outfit top hats are always perfect to go combination. They make the person look stylish and classy. 

Why prefer black top hats?

As mentioned above top hats are always in trend and fit every outfit. Top hats are available in wide ranges of colors. But still, black top hats are most preferred. There are many reasons for this. Some of the reasons why the black top hat is famous are:

  • Black color looks classy and sophisticated
  • The black color that goes the best with almost all colors of the outfit
  • Blacktop hats suits both modern and vintage look
  • Black colors are a perfect fit for meetings and part look

These are some of the major reasons why black top hats are preferred.

Styling tips with black top hats

Black color top hats suit both men and women. Both the genders have countless style experiments to choose from with black color top hats. Earlier top hats were worn mostly by men. But nowadays women also wear black color top hats. And they look stunning in it. So, here are some of the best pairing tips women can consider with their black top hats:

  • Crop tops and denim pants: This combination is perfect if you are just looking for a stylish hangout look. Wear a crop top with denim jeans and then complete it with a black color top hat. You can even add desert boots to your look to add more elegance.
  • Whitetop and formal pants: You might want to wear a black top hat for a meeting. If yes, then pair it up with a white top and formal pants. Also, you can add black flat or high heel bellies to complete your formal look. This is a perfect yet stylish formal look.
  • Black jumpsuit and high heels:  If you are someone addicted to a black color and black color top hats then this combination is for you. Wear a black jumpsuit with a black color top hat and complete it with high heels. To break the monotony of black color and look more attractive, you can wear a red pendant. Also, you can carry a red handbag or apply red nail paint. This look is ideal for both formal and informal occasions.
  • An orange overcoat and black pants: Hats are not just ideal for summers only. They can also be worn in winters. You can try an orange overcoat with black pants and a black top hat with it. This is a perfect casual, formal, and party winter look. 
  • A red dress ad high heels: If you are looking for a perfect look for your date, then here you go. Just wear a stylish red midi or A-line dress and pair it up with high heels and a black color top hat. This will make your look simple and attractive without much effort.

So, these were some of the best styling tips that you can consider with black color top hats. 

Hats are wonderful style hacks. They can complete your look without any extra effort. The prime benefit of hats is that they are easy to carry look stylish, suit every occasion, and pair easily with every outfit. So, if you are also someone who does not like pairing too many accessories, and want a simple yet stunning look, you must try black color top hats. 

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