Selling your house has 5 advantages

Deborah K. Vick

Selling your house has 5 advantages - Dubesuite

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Moving forward is essential. You may have outgrown your home or you have become overwhelmed. A new job offer may have arrived in another city and you need to Sell your home in Burbank California to start a new life in a new place with a new mortgage. After watching enough HGTV, you believe staging a home before selling is necessary. Do you agree? Refinish your hardwood floors, put in new carpet, and paint every room? Also, do you need to rent furnishings worthy of a model home? 

Not always — that’s the short answer. You might be better off selling your house as you find it. 

1. Inheritance

Imagine inheriting a home. Unless you have the time, energy, or money to invest in a property, you should consider selling it “as is.” You may not get the same amount of money for the house as you would have if you had gone in and made updates, but after you factor in how much time you would have spent, the tradeoff might be worth it. Moreover, if the inheritance came to more than one person, you will not have to assign repairs. 

Describe. When you should spend your time elsewhere

As an owner of a business, let’s say you earn an average salary of $75 per hour. You are getting ready to sell your house, but several rooms need painting, the exterior needs cleaning, and the bathroom cabinets need refinishing. The work will have to be done by yourself since you lack the funds to pay another person. Your total estimate for supplies is $350. Your total time estimate is 15-20 hours. It will cost you from $1,125-$1,500 on top of $350 in supplies if you can’t devote 15-20 hours to your business.

When prices are higher than average and inventory is low, you’re better off selling the house “as is” if those relatively small changes won’t generate enough money to cover the costs of making said changes. 

Three. If the home will be torn down

It is not uncommon for houses to sit on property that is worth more than the house itself. A renovation makes no sense in that situation — especially if your agent believes that whoever buys the home will demolish it.


The fourth point. Cash buyers are hard to attract

Cash buyers are attracted to certain areas. There are likely a few all-cash buyers who keep an eye out for houses on the market in your neighborhood that would make excellent flips or rentals. A cash buyer might be tempted to buy your house at a discount due to its “as-is” condition, but all-cash purchases are fast and simple. 

Five. Home inspections make you queasy

A stressful part of selling a house is waiting to hear whether the buyer wants to renegotiate due to issues found during the inspection. You may be able to skip this step, depending on how your home is listed. Consider a listing in which you clearly state that you will only consider offers without a home inspection. If that’s the case, buyers will know that they are not responsible for repairs found before or after the purchase. 


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