Best Places to Visit in Indonesia

Deborah K. Vick

When planning a vacation to Indonesia, you should know what to expect. You’ll find plenty of interesting places to see and explore. Some of the most popular destinations include Yogyakarta and Bandung. Other locations to see include Lombok Island and Selayar beach.


Bandung is known for many things. A prominent landmark is the Grand Mosque, which was constructed in 1812. Today, it is a mosque as well as a tourist attraction. Visitors can climb to the top of one of its towers to see the city and its surroundings. A visit to this landmark is an excellent way to begin your sightseeing in Bandung.


If you’re looking for a cultural experience, Yogyakarta is the place to go. The city is known as the cultural heart of Indonesia and is home to some of the finest arts and crafts. The city is renowned for batik, silverwork, and woodcarvings.

Lombok Island

Lombok Island is known for its natural beauty and peaceful surroundings. Its people, called Sasak, live in villages surrounded by rice paddies and terraces. Visiting the villages is a great way to experience Lombok’s culture and tradition. While there, you can also participate in a traditional weaving workshop to learn about the art of weaving. This is a great way to take home souvenirs from your stay.

Selayar beach

Selayar is an unspoilt island paradise located in South Sulawesi. Its crystal clear beaches, lush rain forest and tarsier monkeys will make your vacation a unique experience. This island is home to over 50 different types of wildlife and has an excellent diving experience.

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Gunung Leuser national park

If you want to experience nature in its purest form, you can visit the Gunung Leuser national park, located in Sumatra, Indonesia. It is renowned for its challenging hikes and is best explored by a guide. You can book a tour through a travel agency in the city of Medan.

Bukit Lawang

Bukit Lawang is a popular tourist destination in Indonesia. The rainy season is the most popular time to visit, but the town remains a relatively pristine place during other times of the year. It is also a popular tourist destination on local Indonesian public holidays, such as Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.

Krakatau volcano

Krakatoa is a small volcanic island about 100 miles west of Jakarta. The island was once a Dutch colony, but in 1883, a devastating eruption destroyed the island and killed more than 36,000 people. It was the loudest explosion ever recorded, sending shockwaves seven times around the globe. Today, Krakatoa is part of Indonesia. Before the 1883 eruption, Krakatau was dormant. Its ashes were so fine that they were carried by wind streams to New York City. Some of the ash blew as far as Madagascar.

Gili Islands

The Gili Islands is a great place for snorkelers and scuba divers. You can explore the local marine life with a fun dive or even take an open water diving course. The Gili Islands also offer many other activities for visitors. It is recommended to explore all three islands during your stay. You can easily get around by foot or by bicycle. The best time to visit the Gili Islands is in the morning or late at night.

Important Tips

Indonesia is a country with many beautiful places to visit, but it can be expensive to do so. You can minimize your cost while visiting Indonesia by using these tips. First, research what attractions are available in the area you want to visit and plan your trip around those. Second, try to stay in budget-friendly hotels. Third, use public transportation when possible to cut down on costs. Fourth, find affordable restaurants and discount stores. fifth, try promo codes and you can find affordable promo codes at

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