The Tale of the Two Soles

Deborah K. Vick

wedge sole vs heel work boots

There are so several basic safety shoes in the current market correct now that choosing the right pair has develop into a major process, like selecting among wedge sole vs heel function boots.

But which must you decide on amongst the two?

If convenience is what you are immediately after, then pick out the wedge get the job done boot simply because it offers better relieve and comfort and ease as opposed to heel operate boots. Want to know why? Read through together and learn other critical factors you need to look at when deciding on just one.

What is a Wedge Sole Function Boot

A wedge sole function boot is a protection shoe whose key aspect is the wedge outsoles. It is called a wedge sole due to the fact the toe location of the outsole is large and it will get thicker towards the heel location, therefore the wedge condition.

The use of wedge sole function boots benefits the people today who commit most of their function time strolling on tough flat surfaces, sitting down or keeping extended in a person spot this kind of as weighty equipment operators, motorists, farmers, electricians, welders, gentle-obligation building employees and carpenters.

What is a Heel Function Boot


A heel get the job done boot is a popular and well-liked design and style in the security shoe industry. It is straightforward to place a heeled get the job done boot for the reason that it is regarded for its incredibly described heel, treads and deep lugs. The heel and entrance sole of the operate boot are the only regions that are in touch with the floor because there is a gap in the middle aspect.

You really should dress in a heel function boot if you are doing work outside on uneven floor like in the logging or mining industries or if your get the job done involves going around constantly or climbing ladders, this kind of as safety and protection officers, linemen and firefighters.

Wedge vs Heel Work Boots: Tale of the Tape


Which has the much better sole? Are wedge sole boots more cozy? Are heel function boots more tough? Which between wedge vs heel do the job boots is extra useful? These are just some of the essential queries you have to have to answer when having a pair of security work boots.

Which Has the Better Product?

Wedge: The outsole of this protection footwear is produced from a piece of rubber that addresses its overall base. It is commonly produced from polyurethane rubber, a product that is a superior-high-quality abrasion-resistant synthetic fiber. The wedge’s PU rubber sole content helps make it water-resistant, light-weight, and a excellent shock absorber.

Heel: The toe and heel locations of this security boot are ordinarily crafted employing thick rubber or synthetic supplies. It can protect in opposition to oil slips and have an abrasion-resistant aspect. The thick material is tested to be have on-resistant, water resistant, and delivers terrific balance.

And the winner is: You need to go for the soles with thick rubber. Though the wedge heel function boots are designed from good quality elements, the thickness of the rubber product made use of in manufacturing the heel perform boot tends to make it “the better” sole substance for a safety boot.

Which is Much more Relaxed?

Wedge: One piece of polyurethane rubber is more than enough to protect the whole outsoles of wedge boots, and this makes it possible for the full sole to contact the floor at every step. And simply because the sole is stretched from the entrance to the heel aspect of the sneakers, the stress you exert is distributed evenly across the boots.

Heel: The heel function boots have two areas, the heel and the toes and a gap in in between. So just about every time you use them, the tension of strolling or running is seriously exerted to the toe and heel regions of your toes.

And the winner is: The more snug of the two is undoubtedly the wedge sole function boots. The even distribution of stress on the wedge soles is more healthy for your ft for the reason that it allows in reducing the pressure you could possibly feel from applying a do the job boot for a lengthy time period.

Which Has the Better Grip?


Wedge: The polyurethane rubber sole of wedge operate boots is developed with gentle treads, and although the treads are shallow, they have an oil-resistant function that will help in protecting against outings and slips.

Heel: The outsole of a heel function boot is developed with deep lugs and treads, which allow for for a excellent grip and traction in all forms of terrain.

And the winner is: The sole with the greater grip is the heeled get the job done boot. This perform boot can be applied in just about every kind of do the job environment. The deep lugs and treads in the outsoles supply far better grip when compared to the shallow tread of wedge perform boots.

Which is Far more Long lasting?

Wedge: The polyurethane rubber outsoles of this basic safety work boot is a higher-good quality synthetic materials that is developed to be pretty tough, but mainly because the sole is thin, and with frequent use and dragging, it tends to deteriorate faster.

Heel: The outsoles of a heel function boot are extremely thick and sturdy. They are designed and built to provide you with a protective do the job boot that would past for a extensive time. The thickness of the soles is a great rationale why heeled-function boots are regarded to be very sturdy.

And the winner is: Although the two security operate shoes are made with top quality components to assure that you can use them for a very long period of time, the heeled security footwear is the apparent winner when it comes to sturdy function boots. You can use the heel work boot for a for a longer time time as opposed to the wedge soled work boot.

Which Has the Much better Worth for Funds?

Wedge: For the reason that of the thin soles, there is a superior likelihood that the boot is damaged quicker, primarily with regular use. As a final result, a wedge sole could want to be fixed, or worse, you have to change it.

Heel: The thick soles of the heel do the job boot warrant its sturdiness and longevity, so it does not break simply and speedy. Due to the fact of that, you don’t have to be concerned about spending cash for repair or substitution for some time.

And the winner is: The latest market price tag for equally wedge and heel do the job sneakers are frequently the exact same it differs only according to the brand, the measurement and the structure.

If you are wanting for a prolonged-phrase value for cash, then select a heel function boot, for the reason that it is confirmed to be far more strong and resilient compared to wedge boots. With heel boots, you don’t have to commit supplemental dollars to repair or substitute them faster than the wedge boot.

The Greater Sole

Clearly, the operate boot with a heel sole is the much better decision for basic safety footwear in comparison to wedge soled boots it won 4 out of the 5 factors introduced above. Meanwhile, here’s a link to a movie talking about why you need to have to wear a heel soled perform boot:

A heel perform boot might be the greater decision, but it does not imply that you are not able to own a wedge soled boot, because at the stop of the working day, it is even now your choice and the advantages of wedge sole boots that you see may possibly weigh extra than the strengths of heeled-work boots.


For a prolonged time, the use of safety shoes in harmful workplaces has been obligatory for the defense of workers. What ever you pick amongst the wedge sole vs heel work boots is totally up to you simply because equally deliver foot safety.

What this article attempts to emphasize is that you have to have to weigh the heel and wedge sole boots execs and cons initially ahead of purchasing, and the superior selection in accordance to the diverse things we considered is the heel work boot. We also have some when compared article content in between boots’ models these types of as Crimson Wing vs Wolverine do the job boots or Timberland pit boss vs titan. You can refer to them to fully grasp more about get the job done boots before obtaining them.

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