The Five Best Rated Solar Panel Companies in New Orleans

Deborah K. Vick

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As the cost of solar panel installation is dropping, the industry is being filled with a considerable number of solar panel installer companies.  Energy Sage and Solar reviews have come up with a list of the Ten best-rated solar panel companies in New Orleans.

These companies have been pre-screened and evaluated to make sure that every solar panel installer on the list provides quality service to homeowners and businesses who plan to have a solar panel system installed.

The high-quality installers are chosen based on:

  • Years of experience
  • Licensing and insurance
  • Reputation
  • Certifications
  • Customer ratings
  • Marketplace performance

Solar Alternatives

Solar Alternatives, the leading solar panel company in New Orleans was founded in 2008 and is focused on serving the energy needs of every community in Louisiana and Mississippi.  They have utilized the unique climate of the southern states and brought the solar battery system technology and high-efficient heat-resistant solar panels to the market.  They are a solar panel company in New Orleans with affordable pricing.  The company received an above industry average for customer reviews.

Solar Alternatives provide expert consultation for all forms of solar energy such as:

  • Solar electric
  • Solar backup power
  • Solar pool heating
  • Solar water heating
  • Specialty solar services like ventilation and daylighting

Their excellent services include:

  • Residential solar electric
  • Commercial solar electric
  • Solar hot water (thermal)
  • Solar pool heating
  • Wind turbines
  • Energy audits
  • Storage
  • Energy monitoring

Sunpro Solar

Another solar panel company in New Orleans with an above industry average for customer reviews is Sunpro Solar.  They service residential solar electric and commercial solar electric systems.  Included in the services they offer are energy audits, storage, and energy monitoring.

They differentiate from other solar companies because they strive to:

  • Put the homeowner’s needs and budget first
  • Exceed the expectations of their clients
  • Provide the best warranty service after installation

Their additional services include:

  • Installation
  • Energy auditing
  • Electrical contracting
  • Financing
  • Roofing


The mission of this solar installation company in New Orleans is:  solar for all.  They do their best in making life easier for their clients.  PosiGen not only offers a very competitive cash sale price but affordable leasing options that broaden the economic spectrum of people who can afford it.

They offer a leasing option with fixed pricing for the entire term of the lease.  They do not require a minimum credit score as well.  Their greatest strength is selling a positive financial impact in their customer’s lives.  They are committed to providing top-quality solar systems with energy efficiency upgrades.

Their worthwhile goal is to provide low and middle-income families access to affordable solar panel systems.  This goal will provide energy efficiency in the homes of these families so that they will experience a dramatic cut in their energy costs. Maybe you interested roofing services canton mi

Their services include:

  • Installation
  • Energy auditing
  • Solar repair and maintenance
  • Financing
  • Roofing

Sun Power 

 SunPower is a solar panel company in New Orleans that has been serving in the solar industry for more than 13 years.  They have served thousands of clients with new PV systems and long-term maintenance service.

They owe their success to their quality components and installation practices by their in-house workforce.  They have solar panel installation teams who are fully licensed and insured.  Their services include residential solar electric, commercial solar electric, storage, and energy monitoring.

Bayou Solar

The mission of Bayo Solar as one of the best solar panel companies in New Orleans is to provide their clients with the most reliable and cost-effective energy systems and installations.  They use the same quality product on every installation instead of the cheapest available solar panel system.

Their major suppliers are leading providers of solar energy technology.  They offer low-maintenance solar panels with fully integrated high-performance systems engineered for efficiency and long life.  Their systems are guaranteed to deliver clean energy for a minimum of 25 years.

Choosing the Best Solar Panel Company in New Orleans You Can Work With

When you are on the lookout for a solar panel installer company in New Orleans, make sure that the company you choose has qualified and insured professionals with the proper certification from the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners.

Obtain at least three bids from different solar panel companies that are based on the same characteristics and metrics to enable comparison shopping.  Before beginning any solar panel installation project, ask for proof of licensure from the installer.

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