The Advantages of Living Near A Park

Deborah K. Vick

There are so many advantages of living near a park. For one, the park is a source of recreation for the entire family.

It may include a playground, a jogging path, and even a bird sanctuary. Depending on the attractions included, some parks might require an entrance fee to cover for the cost of upkeep but for the most part, especially when we talk of village parks, the entrance is almost always free.

When it comes to personal benefits, research shows that people who live near parks lead a more active lifestyle. They jog more, ride their bikes more, and basically go out more and enjoy whatever the park has to offer.

For a lot of parents, this is great news. Having a park where they could bring their children will allow them to bond with their young ones while they get fit and active at the same time. Not to mention, having all that great scenery nearby can be very relaxing and can do wonders to a person’s mental state.

Of course, all these benefits come with a price. If you are looking to buy a house near a park, then be prepared to pay extra for the location as houses that surround a park usually cost more.

If that isn’t enough, a park’s great, open space can also increase the revenue of the municipal government as it can attract people from neighboring subdivisions or villages. The increase in revenue has a domino effect where each individual homeowner can also benefit.

In addition, buying a property that is near a park can also be a good investment opportunity. Homeowners that live near parks can easily market their houses. What’s more, houses that are near parks sell faster compared to those that are located far away.

These are just some of the benefits of living near a park. So if you’re planning to purchase a new home, take advantage of all these benefits by choosing a house that’s next to a park.

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