Selling Your CONDO

Deborah K. Vick

The procedure of selling a condo anywhere in the world be it St Tropez or Victoria BC is similar to selling house anywhere else. Couple of basic tips stays the same for all houses when it comes to selling them. Though there are certain differences about selling a condo. Every condo owner must be aware of these. The most important one is that your condo must appeal to the buyers, and as many buyers as possible to be able to choose the best price of it all. Make sure your condo looks the best in the entire market.

Ensure that your building is fine and does not need any repairs. If it does, get to work as soon as possible. Check whether it needs painting or getting new carpets. You should put your condo for sale only after all these tasks are completed. Looks do matter in case of buying a house, the more attractive a house looks, the more desirable it will be and hence many more buyers and a lot more option to choose from. While repairing make certain changes if you want to like get new fixtures for common area and that will make the buyer know for sure that the building is well maintained.

This might seem a bit funny but de-clutter your house. Remove the extra furniture from the condo; this will make the house look spacious. Remove the bulky furniture as bulky and heavy weight furniture does not go with the look of a condo. Go ahead rent a storage locker, believe me its worth the cost. Once the extra furniture is done away with, the condo would not need more than a month or so to sell. Store away your winter clothes; it will help the closets look larger. Most condo buyers look for an open design with lots of storage.

While selling your condo there will be technical documents involved. Which will include a property disclosure statement, which will make you answer questions about your suite and building. Know well about the building, all about its history, geography to science and economics. Know about the monthly meetings and the decisions taken in them and the bylaws as well. The realtor or agent you hired will surely get you a copy of these documents but going through the entire paperwork is your responsibility. This will save time and make the process of selling easier and much efficient.

Your condo might be occupied by a tenant, do not infringe on their rights. Know well how to carry over lease to new owners and about damage deposits. Hopefully you have an amicable relationship with them so they are accommodating and ensure the place is kept clean.

When you advertise in publications put up an interesting ad. When it comes to condo, ads using words bright and spacious attract buyers the most. Don’t have picture windows or exposure to the south. Put a lamp in the corner of the room; leave the drapes, curtains and shades open. Put mirrors on the wall, it helps to reflect light and make the place look bigger.

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