Rockrooster Vs Redback Boots: What’s The Difference?

Deborah K. Vick

If your favorite boots have worn to the point of no return, you may be mourning what has been, but nonetheless need a new pair. Nowadays the marketplace is filled with high-quality footwear, so the choice can prove to be challenging.

Both Rockrooster and redback make great boots for both work and other activities. They will share some features, and present differences when looked at side by side. So, let’s get started examining what these two brands of boots have to offer.


Redback vs Rockrooster Boot Comparison

The Rockrooster Company

The Rockrooster Footwear, Inc. was initially established in the 1980s in Tasman, Australia. The folks at Rock Rooster began in 1984 with manufacturing leather shoes, in particular nurse shoes.

They began with the idea of producing a comfortable shoe for professionals who spend most of the day on their feet. By chance a worker’s feet were injured in the workshop due to an erroneous operation.

They immediately noted the need for protective safety boots that were comfortable, Thanks to the birth of the first “safety” shoes, they expanded to protective boots for miners, farmers, loggers, and other workers that regularly face hazards in the workplace.

Consequentially, Rockrooster founded a modern manufacturing facility dedicated to the production of safety footwear.

Thanks to the use of excellent design, high-tech materials, and good manufacturing processes, Rockrooster established its reputation as a leader in the production of professional safety footwear.

Three generations later, after continued research, investment, and innovation, Rockrooster footwear is sold in more than 60 countries worldwide.

The Redback Company

Redback Boots® are 100% Australian produced and this in itself is a distinguishing factor as so much of manufacturing is outsourced to other countries. The Cloros family are the owners or this company and  Redback is dedicated to producing lightweight boots.

The Cloros family has a boot-making tradition that covers five different generations and goes all the way back to the early 1900s. The company is still 100% Australian owned and the footwear is produced in the company factory in Alexandria, Sydney Australia.

Redback sources its leather only from Australia and New Zealand full-grain cow hides, making it more supple and somewhat thicker than competitors’ options. Boots are produced for every potential workplace environment including water-resistant, heat-resistant, and oil-resistant work boots.

Rockrooster and Redback Company Comparison

Rockrooster Redback
Company Founded 1980 1989
Average Boot Weight 4 lbs. both boots 1000 grams
Materials Leather, rubber Leather, rubber, Polyurethane
Return Policy 30 days unworn merchandise for refund or credit; 6 months for defects in materials and workmanship 90 days return for credit for new merchandise
Manufacturing Location China Australia

Rockrooster Boots

Rockrooster offers a selection of work boots style that meet various work environment needs. From traditional lace-up styles to easy pull-ons, depending on what your preference is.

Work boots provide great protection with steel or composite toes for impact protection, as well as static dissipation and EH protection. Support shanks in carbon fiber keep the weight down to prevent foot fatigue.

Outer soles are available in a variety of material to meet specific workplace and traction needs. These include thermo plastic urethane, Vibram soles or rubber nitrile.

Rockrooster Boots Features and Technology

The Coolmax boot linings merit mentioning as this material helps to wick away moisture while on the job, keeping feet dry and comfortable. Boots are consequentially very breathable.

Another convenient aspect to these boots is the styles available. For professionals that need to travel form jobsites to meetings in offices, Rockrooster provides a nice selection of slip-on styles that look great in the office for meetings with clients or management.

When considering sizing, know that Rockrooster fits standard foot sizes. The x-wide annotation signifies that the toe box with safety toe caps provides extra room and a bit more room in the ankle area. It does not necessarily signify that the entire boot is wider.

Check Rockrooster’s sizing guide as these may run a bit large. Rockrooster also has a very affordable price, which is not to be underestimated for those on a limited budget.


• Oiled full-grain leather

• Comfortable

• Non-slip

• Water resistant and/or waterproof

• Shock absorbing technology

• Steel, soft, or composite toes

• Moisture wicking interior

• Re-soleable

• Affordable


• Require breaking in

Redback Boots

Known to be durable and exceptionally comfortable. Redback boots tend to be constructed with three-piece leather for a good fit from the moment you put them on. 

The quality full-grain leather used in the boot uppers are approximately 30% thicker than a normal work boot. Leather is oil tanned to resist hardening and cracking and to maintain shape. 

They also feature a thick outer sole with a three-layer counter design for stability and traction. Compression molded polyurethane is cross lined with multi-direction lugs for impressive grip. Yet this material maintains foot flexibility and resists cracking even in cold weather environments.

One of the most appealing features of Redback boots can be found in the air-cushion midsole. The midsole is made of two components in urethane to increase shock absorption and energy return during movement.

This midsole contributes to a lighter, bouncier, if you will feel, when standing of moving for extended periods. 

Generously cushioned footbeds are also characteristic of this brand. A unique anatomic sole design will cradle the foot to contrast foot fatigue, strain, and the development of back and leg pain. Thermal insulation is used in the footbed, and it will mold to the shape of your foot. 

All of this aims to provide impressive comfort for those pros that spend long hours standing or walking. A leather pull tab is another recognizable feature of the Redback boot. The fit is generally standard, and half sizers tend to be wider as opposed to longer.

The Redback brand is especially appreciated for it work boots with the Redback UBOK perhaps being one of the most popular. They may be less fashion oriented, but the idea is to produce a good safety work boot.


• 100% full-grain leather boot uppers

• Made in Australia

• Very lightweight compared to others

• Air-cushion midsole is shock absorbent

• Cushioned thermal insulated footbed

• 3-piece leather design enables fit from the first wear

• Anatomic sole cradle the foot

• Polyurethane Deep tread on outer soles offers grip and slip-resistance

• Pull-on Boot loops

• 3-layer counter heel reinforcement design for stability

• Re-soleable


• Not necessarily suited for casual wear as design is industrial

• Perhaps not for every budget

In Conclusion

Both of these companies offer quality safety footwear. For those on a budget, Rockrooster is slightly more affordable than Redback. However, the quality of Redback boots places them a bit higher on the podium.

The sourcing of their full-grain leather and the fact that it is 30% than most of the competition implies that Redback believes durability is a priority when investing in protective footwear.

For those that require a style permitting work both onsite and, in the office, Rockrooster may have more to offer fashion-wise. Whichever company you choose, you’re bound to get a quality product.

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