Real Estate of Traditional Muay Thai Fitness Facility 

Deborah K. Vick
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The majority of traditional Muay Thai gyms have always been a somewhat simple construction. All that was really needed was a place where there is a flat surface, this is where you set up the ring which should be covered by a roof and there should be more than enough place for all of the loyal supporters and spectators. Furthermore, you require skilled fighters that are eager and willing to engage one another with every legal part of their bodies. These gyms with fitness facility have always been sufficient but today you need a little more in order to satisfy modern trainees. The entire property should be an inspiration for aspiring Muay Thai fighters. But it will be especially the inside of that property which has to be filled with an excellent selection of modern equipment. A lot of attention to detail has to be invested when deciding on architecture, construction and design. One has to keep in mind the needs of individuals who are going to train there. Every attempt has to be made to ensure that all their fitness and weight loss needs are met and therefore there has to be a gym and a swimming pool. 

Creating a suitable facility 

It may be that you already have a property which can be easily renovated and which can be fitted out with all of the necessary modern equipment. However, some properties are simply not suitable as far as renovation and redesign is concerned but then there are a lot of real estate in Thailand which will certainly qualify. There is no reason why a property cannot be acquired which will be a suitable home for your Muay Thai training camp with fitness program. In every Muay Thai gym the centerpiece will always be the ring which provides5 square meters of fighting space. Furthermore, there will also be a sufficient number of punching bags. Modern training facilities also should have large windows in order to allow for natural light to fill as much of the interior as possible. Other vital amenities are things such as changing rooms and showers where fighters can change and also wash of the sweat which has accumulated on their bodies. It must never be forgotten that it often happens that Muay Thai fights can be extremely brutal and therefore it is advisable to use a suitable floor color. 

The history of Muay Thai 

There are still a lot of disagreement about the true age of Muay Thai with fitness course and there are different opinions on exactly when this sport originated. Historians and other experts generally agree that the ancient Kingdom of Siam in the 16th century is most likely the time when this form of martial arts was first used. It was practiced by the soldiers of King Naresuan. At that time there were numerous battles between the Burmese and the Thais during which a form of Muay Boran was extensively used. This form of martial arts also allowed for the use of weapons in battle. This is the earliest historical records involving Muay Thai. Muay Boran on the other hand is rumored to be at least 2000 years old. Suwitmuaythai with warrior community is a new modern Muay Thai gym and facility. Understanding the history of Muay Thai is important when it comes to the construction and designing of new facilities. 

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