Personalized Pop-Up Tent vs. Custom Arch Tent: Which is Better for Event Marketing?

Deborah K. Vick
Custom Tent, Printed Canopy And Branded Pop Up Tents

Marketing tents are loved by brands across the world. These versatile and attractive tents are very easy to use. They can instantly make indoor or outdoor spaces look attractive and aesthetical. That’s why they’re used in tradeshows, promotional events, other locations as highly effective branding tools.

With these tents, brands can –

  • Attend industry events. Customize the tents for special occasions. Attract new leads and build your brand at these events.
  • Take your brand on the road. Set up marketing tents outside shopping centers, inside showrooms, and other locations. Engage with potential customers.
  • Community engagement is key to growing local, small-scale brands. Use custom branding, custom-colored walls, full-color graphics, etc., to pull in more visitors at local community events.

The best thing about marketing tents is that they’re cost-effective. Businesses can keep their marketing budgets lean and gain a lot of brand growth with these tents. But, buying the right tent – that’s a challenge.

The two most prominently used marketing tents are – pop-up tents and arch tents. Both are amazing promotional tools. But, which one will suit your brand and promotional goals better? Let’s explore

Instant Pop-Up Tents 

Instant or “pop-up” tents are popular in the marketing world because they require little to no assembly. They come with sturdy plastic, steel, or aluminum frames. These frames “pop” in and out very easily. The tents are relatively lightweight as well. These qualities, coupled with their affordable prices, make them ideal for event marketing.

  • Brand leaders can take their personalized pop up tent to various locations. From small community events to large, outdoor tradeshows – these tents fit almost everywhere.
  • They come in different, standardized sizes and are relatively cheap. Brand leaders can easily buy multiple custom-printed pop-up promotional tents and use them as marketing tools across different events.
  • Instant pop-up promotional tents are specifically designed for networking events. Brand leaders can quickly set up their tents, even if they’re operating in limited indoor spaces.
  • These tents are very cheap. Even businesses with limited promotional budgets can afford to buy 10×10 inch or 10×20-inch pop-up tents.

Pop-up tents are also highly scientific tools. The mathematics behind these tents is perfect. That’s why despite being super-affordable, they’re also super-durable and the easiest to use.

Arch Tents

Arch tents typically have five asides and a dome-like shape. They’re available in a variety of other shapes and designs as well. But, dome-shaped arch tents are almost synonymous with fancy events like weddings, private get-togethers, etc.

Arch tents are not as easy to set up as pop-up tents. However, their unique appearance gives them a “wow” factor that pop-up tents can’t match.

Which Tent is Better for Event Marketing?

Your marketing arsenal will benefit from having either pop-up or arch tents. But, if we compare the two, pop-up tents are more suited for events and tradeshows. That’s because they’re lighter easier to assemble and transport.

Arch tents may lose their stability in windy conditions. Pop-up tents with sturdy aluminum or steel frames remain anchored to the ground during heavy winds. These are the small but important reasons why pop-up tents are better promotional tools than arch tents.

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