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Deborah K. Vick

Are you looking to transform your backyard into your own private oasis? There are a lot of factors to consider when designing your dream outdoor living room. You need to look at the space you have, the local climate, and how much you’re willing to spend. Below are ideas to help you create a beautiful outdoor space for any budget.

Designing an Outdoor Living Space For Any Budget

  • Embrace the Classic Outdoor Living Room: An open and inviting outdoor living room is your best bet for making your outdoor space comfortable. Comfy chairs and sofas, a place to set your drink, and an emphasis on coming together are all it really takes to design an outdoor living room.
  • Design a Poolside Paradise: If you live somewhere that has hot summers and you love the water, consider adding a pool or pond to the yard. A water feature will naturally become the focal point of your entertaining space, so you should begin planning and decorating here to create a seamless aesthetic.
  • Be the Game Day Destination: Customizing your deck or patio to showcase your love of sports is another option. Place a TV at the center of everything and comfy chairs with plenty of table space for snacks and drinks. Investing in an outdoor TV will make your backyard the perfect destination for game day.
  • Be the Neighborhood Grill Master: Turn your spot into the place to be for brats and burgers. An outdoor kitchen is a classic choice for your outdoor space. Add a built-in grill and fridge to your backyard to ensure your backyard is where the party will always be.
  • Bring the Inside Outside: A stone or brick fireplace is the perfect way to center your backyard living space around coming together. If you’re dreaming of creating a beautiful space for relaxing or catching up on a good book, a fireplace brings the heat! Fireplaces are great for relaxing and catching up with family and friends, and you can even make s’mores whenever you want.
  • Escape to a Secret Garden: You don’t have to just imagine a quaint outdoor space to slip away to.You can build your own quiet backyard reading nook and garden escape. The backyard doesn’t have to be all about entertaining.

Arranging Your Outdoor Space Effectively

No matter what budget you have and how big the yard is, there are plenty of ideas that can enhance almost every outdoor area. It’s easy to maximize outside living spaces with these design tricks!

  • Utilize deck space by transforming the deck with vibrant colors! – Backyard getaways are not always about grassy lawns. Make the most of a covered outdoor area with a makeover of colors.
  • Build your own patio by adding a stone or brick patio! – This quite literally sets the stage for entertaining and lets your guests know that your backyard parties are not a passing fad.
  • Construct decorative walls by adding doors, curtains, furniture, and plants! – These can all be used to give the illusion of an outdoor living room with walls and allow you to enjoy your outdoor space while having the option of privacy. Make the most of floor space by using blankets, cushions, footstools, and a comfy chair or two to create a cozy area for friends and family to lounge.
  • Organize multiple seating areas to make your backyard seem bigger! – This helps create separate areas for entertaining. Plants, columns, and outdoor rugs can also aid in creating more than one designated area for any size backyard. Designate areas with tiki lights to decorate seating areas and to keep mosquitos away.  Incorporate a gazebo to add a little magic and relaxation space to the yard. Gazebos also serve as great areas for entertainment.

Outdoor Decorating Trends To Consider Adding To Your Yard

These decorating tips can help you liven up any backyard space, creating your own paradise in no time.

  • Create a timeless and beachy outdoor living space with a white deck, pergola, or furniture!
  • Add a swimming pool and the No Holes Pool Fence. Which requires no holes and removable. 
  • Add string lights to tie together any outdoor living area! Twinkle lights are a cheap and simple way to create a cozy place.
  • Add some wicker furniture to the patio! It has long been a staple of outdoor furniture. It’s lightweight and waterproof qualities make it a smart choice for most climates.
  • Invest in iron furniture as it lasts a long time and never goes out of style!
  • Add a fan or two to make the outdoor living space comfortable during warmer months! Fans also get rid of pesky bugs. Create shade with umbrellas and a little fun color to the yard.
  • Install tiny garden lights along the path! These help guests see where they are going and add the perfect amount of charm to the space.

Make your outdoor living space stand out by adding any of these interesting elements:

  • A fire pit for s’mores and story-telling
  • A chandelier for some extra sophistication
  • A putting green for golf enthusiasts
  • A hanging chair or hammock for fun seating
  • A water fountain to provide relaxing sounds and visual excitement


Whether you’re searching for patio furniture, special elements to add, a new focal point, or just a little makeover, these tips will help you spruce up your outdoor living space. Get the backyard of your dreams with these ideas for any budget.

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