Invest $400 and Make a Fortune In 4 Easy Steps

Deborah K. Vick

Have you ever heard of the phrase – give a man a fish and he eats for a day, but teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime? Well I would like to focus on that simple principle with an idea of how to invest $400 and make a fortune. I want to tell you that you already know how to do this. Below are 5 easy steps to make a fortune starting with just $400

If you have purchased anything from the store you already understand the concept of sales. The question is how can YOU take a small Investment and turn that into a large amount of money?

So here are some ideas.

Step 1: How can I make a $400 Investment turn into $4,000? Buy a small business that returns $80 dollars a week, that will give you a return of $4000 in a year and you can find such a business online easily for $400

Step 2: How can I make a $4,000 Investment turn into $40,000? Secure land that has development potential without actually buying it. Use a lease to buy for a short time then spend $4000 on advertising and a nice full color billboard on the land. Sell it for a $40,000 profit.

Step 3: How can I make a $40,000 Investment turn into $400,000? Put down a deposit on a luxury Yacht and have it re finished to raise the value. Do a double close so you never have to fund the purchase.

Step 4: How can I make a $400,000 Investment turn into $4,000,000? Buy 10 acres on the outskirts of your town making sure the land is zoned for building then subdivide the land into small residential lots and sell each one for 10 times what you paid in bulk.

These are some suggestions that came to mind. Nevertheless, do not limit yourself to these ideas. You can experiment with other thoughts and ideas too.

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