Interior design: why is it so important for the hotel and restaurant industry?

Deborah K. Vick

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When it comes to the hotel and restaurant industry, everything needs to be flawless: beginning with the staff – and how they treat the customers – to the service they provide like the food or the rooms. Everything under the motto “the customer is king” because it is all about the atmosphere you want to create for the customer and how they perceive it. But good service and great staff are not everything in a hotel or restaurant – interior design is an important part of your marketing, as well.

In the following article, we will tell you all about interior design in hotels and restaurants and why it is essential to the customer’s and your business’ satisfaction.

Why is the interior design significant?

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It doesn’t matter if you own a hotel or a restaurant: interior design is more important than you think. The interior is your company’s business card and is, therefore, part of the marketing strategy of your restaurant or hotel. It always needs to be up to the customer’s standard for them to enjoy the perfect dining experience or the perfect stay. A well-polished interior impacts how long the customer or guest will stay.

Beginning with the lobby of a hotel or the entrance of a restaurant. It is the first thing a guest sees, and it, therefore, needs to make a good first impression. Upon seeing the lobby or the entrance, the guest’s first impression of the interior will influence the entire stay. The interior will give the guest an overall look of what they can expect and what the hotel or restaurant will be like. A well-designed interior makes the guest curious and ensures they want to stay. Guests might even turn on their heels and leave if they are not comfortable with how the interior looks. 

Other than that, a good and nice-looking interior will make you stand out from the competition. It will make guests choose your restaurant or hotel over another, and even recommend it to others. Event managers or planners might even pick your facility for their party or event location based on your interior design.

What the interior design should look like

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It is best to always keep it classic and modern. Avoid flashy or too bright colors and place discreet and not too many crammed furniture items. Everything should be coherent to the eye for the guest to feel comfortable and cozy. The color you choose always depends on the clientele you want to attract – different colors trigger different emotions and moods in people hence, they will either make the customer stay longer or eat more or even less. That applies to both restaurants and hotels.

Depending on the area, rooms shouldn’t be too bright. No one wants to sit down and eat or be in a room where the lights shine directly in their face and almost blind them. If possible, try to use natural light to its fullest. Make use of big bright windows, and let is the natural light.

It is always good to ensure that the restaurant or hotel looks good in pictures. Not only will the guests and customers with social media accounts profit from it but you, as the owner, will as well. Taking beautiful and professional pictures for your company’s website attracts more guests because, especially with everyone booking online, customers will choose the restaurant or hotel based on their online appearance.

The space of your hotel or restaurant also plays a significant role. Everything depends on how comfortable it is for the guests to walk through the halls or in between the tables without feeling claustrophobic or bumping into other people. It depends on the layout, and how you place furniture, tables, and chairs – customers need to be provided with an enjoyable area in order for them to have a pleasant stay.



The appearance of your hotel or restaurant is the most important thing if you want to grab the customer’s attention. It is also what persuades them to stay and benefit from your services. No matter how good your service is or how nice you or your staff are to the customer, interior design always plays the biggest role in the first impression of your hotel or restaurant. Always keep in mind who your target clientele is and what they want. Understand your customer and try to make their stay as pleasant as possible.

In case you struggle with finding the right interior design for your business you can always seek help from experts to get inspired. If you want to attract more customers and run a better business by improving your interior design, you can contact Hoga.Search. The team will provide you with ideas and inspirations for hotel or restaurant furniture and your interior design in general.

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