How to Find Residential Property for Investment Purpose in Delhi NCR

In the time, where we are finding our dream home or may be just a residential property for investment purpose, we listen or see various advertisements stating to own a flat or house in ABC housing or XYZ township. Most of us generally have common questions and almost try to know the difference among residential group housing, Micro Township, Mega Township & Integrated Township. Here we have tried to explain in simple words what these residential sorts actually define.

1. Residential Group Housing:
This term is defined as a cluster of buildings allocated/located within a patch of land measuring minimum 2.5 acres to 25 acres of land and the same is equipped with the basic amenities for the people living in. The amenities covers clubhouse, gym, community centre, swimming pool, convenience store, small play field and the required green area as per the respective authority’s regulations. It is obvious that buildings in group housings are high rise (generally G+20 stories) and hence bearing good population density.

Example: Logix Blossom County, Paras Tiera at Noida Expressway.

2. Micro Township:
This term is defined as a place that is having a blend/aggregate of residential and few commercial buildings well equipped with recreational centers. The micro townships generally cover 50 acres to 150 acres of land. Here, Apart from basic amenities cited above, nursery or primary school, amphitheate, mini golf courses, restaurants, large landscapes, library, small shopping complexes etc are also provided.

Example: KLJ Platinum Heights at Sec 77, Faridabad.

3. Mega township:
This term is defined as a place that is having variety of residential properties (Apartments, Villas, and Plots), commercial centers (shopping mall, entertainment hub, PVR cinemas etc) and recreational (sports facilities, clubhouse, golf course, yoga centers or fitness centers etc) at larger frame in comparison to Micro Township. Here people are having high rise (G+20 to G+38 stories), mid rise (G+12 to G + 17 stories), low rise (G+6) apartments or independent properties like plots or ready to move in villas. Mega townships generally cover 200 acres to 500 acres of land.

Example: Aashiana Aangan at Bhiwadi, Jaypee Greens at Greater Noida Parichowk.

4. Integrated Township:
A place that covers residential, commercial, institutional, recreational and corporate buildings that generally brings, “work nearby home” culture. An integrated township can be considered as a small city that is having all the day-today lives’ requirements such as integrated school for children, Hospitals, Large commercial chambers, plenty of greenery and specially the corporate hub where many brands or companies can be found together. Such townships mostly have intro-transport facility for its people. This ensures a high standard of living for the people who are part of such townships.

• Jaypee Wishtown- Noida Xpressway,
• Jaypee Sports City-Yamuna Xpressway (exclusively having F1 race track, lake district, 15.7 km long Boulevard, Night Safari and other many seamless attractions)

So, now you may understand and can compare the lifestyle of the residential sorts cited above.

Happy Living…

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