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How Much Does It Cost to Rewire a House? – Connect Electric Australia Blog

Sometimes, electrical repairs may end up causing homeowners to take drastic and costly measures like whole house rewiring. There are many steps involved in such projects, and many factors need to be weighed into them, like how much it will cost, how much time it will take, where the family will be relocated, who the contractor will be, etc. Most of these questions need to be answered and planned beforehand as the homeowners have a lot to cover before finally beginning to rewire their homes. However, there are several ways the costs can be cut and saved. 

The Cost

The average cost of rewiring a house differs from area to area and contractor to contractor. There are several other factors that weigh in on how these costs are affected depending on who is leading the project and what kinds of materials are being used. Another factor that weighs into the whole thing is where your house is located and what contractor is taking care of the whole job. The national average cost for rewiring a house ranges from $8000 to $10,000, taking in all the factors.

The factors

Here are all the factors that may affect how the cost is decided about: 

The location

One of the minor but important factors that weigh in on how the cost of the whole rewiring is affected is the location of the house where the project is being handled. Many areas across the country have varying rates and types of materials available for the job. Furthermore, the contractor hired for the job has varying rates and costs differently depending on the types and specifics of the job. Talk to your contractor and get details on the job to make sure that the costs are settled beforehand. 

The materials

Rewiring a place costs the most when it comes to investing in all the materials required for the job in question. There are several types of materials that a homeowner can choose from, making the cost fluctuate from time to time. We recommend that you talk to your contractor about the types and amount of materials being used in the job and let them decide the best options to settle upon. In such instances, the contractors make a much more extensive outlook on the whole job and have a better experience with the kinds of materials that would go best with the job.

The area

Many homeowners settle for rewiring one room at a time because of all the extra costs that may be coming in the way. Very often, homeowners cannot afford to rewire their full home at the same time and end up overspending for a single room or specified area. Talk to the contractor and have them check out the condition of the home wiring. In case only a specified area can be worked upon, the contractor will let you know and suggest you only work on that specific area due to budget cuts. 

Financial Options

In case there is no other option left for you to go for and have to invest in whole house rewiring, there are several financial options you can go for. First off, check if your home insurance company can cover the costs for you. You can also apply for a bank loan to cover the whole cost of the job. However, make sure that you do not have to opt for financial aid, and if your savings or other financial options can cover it, we recommend that you to dot opt for bank loans. 


 Rewiring a home is a very hectic job for a homeowner, even when there is a contractor to take care of all the options. Make sure that you go over all the possible cost cuts and go through the plan with your contractor again and again. Rewiring a house is an inevitable job, and it is much better to be safe than sorry in the long run. Make sure that all your valuable items in the house are safe and there is no harm to your family in the whole time being. It is better if you relocate the people in your home to another location as long as the job is being done.

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