How Can You Protect Your Outdoor Furniture During All Seasons?

Deborah K. Vick
How to Protect Your Outdoor Furniture Through All Seasons - A Beautiful Mess

Your outdoor furniture will be exposed to bad weather conditions and other natural elements. Over time, moderate weather conditions can cause severe damage to your outdoor furniture items. Wind, rain, sunlight, UB rays, dust, and debris will wreak havoc on your outdoor furniture items. Regardless of what type of outdoor furniture you use for your backyard, it’s extremely important to ensure their protection so that you can leverage their benefits for a long time. 

But protecting the outdoor furniture items during all seasons is easy said than being done. You need to remember multiple factors. Making a single mistake might prove fatal for your outdoor furniture items. 

However, many people don’t know effective ways to protect their outdoor furniture items. Despite the importance, some homeowners assume that outdoor furniture items are designed to withstand moderate climate conditions and don’t need additional protection. This is why their furniture items end up being damaged quickly. Here are some simple steps you need to follow to protect your outdoor furniture items from rust, rot, and dirt. 

Make Sure the Furniture is Clean 

Even if you cover your precious and expensive outdoor furniture items with durable and high-quality outdoor furniture cover, you still need to clean your furniture items once in a while. The outdoor furniture covers are extremely effective at protecting your furniture from dust, debris, sunlight, UV rays, and other elements, but if you don’t focus on the cleaning process, they will become vulnerable to damages too. 

Therefore, choose a sunny day and follow specific cleaning instructions to clean the outdoor furniture and covers properly. Use a wet sponge to remove any hard stain or residue from the surface of the cover or the furniture. As outdoor furniture covers are machine washable, you can clean them easily. If your backyard happens to have metal furniture items, you need to take special care of them to prevent oxidization or rust. 

Protect the Fabric 

The price of your outdoor furniture items is primarily dependent on the material and the fabrics. Therefore, if the fabric is damaged, the value of your outdoor furniture items will decrease a lot. Not to mention, the damaged fabric will make your furniture look less appealing. Sometimes, the damages are so severe that you won’t have any other choice but to replace the entire outdoor furniture. 

Keep in mind that fabrics are sensitive and they can be damaged by the outdoor elements easily. As per Science Direct, abrasion can damage the fabric. To protect and improve the longevity of your furniture fabrics, you need to give them a proper wash with warm water and dish soap. You can also use fabric protection. But make the fabric protector spray is suitable for the fabric. 

Use Furniture Sunscreen 

The sunlight is one of the biggest threats to your outdoor furniture items. This is why most homeowners face problems with their patio furniture during the hot summer days. The sunlight and UV rays can crack the surface and cause structural damage to your furniture. Not to mention, UV rays can fade your furniture. 

If your outdoor furniture is made of plastic or metal, you can apply a coating of furniture protectors. If the furniture items are made of wood, varnishing or painting will help you protect them. 


These are the best ways to protect your outdoor furniture items during all seasons. If you have any other questions, comment below to let us know. 

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