Homes for Sale in Paphos Are Very Popular

Deborah K. Vick

Paphos is well known for being home to some of the most captivating and spectacular coastline views in the world. It is one of the reasons why so many people want to look for homes for sale in Paphos. Many come on vacation and explore the ancient Roman and Biblical ruins and use their new found Paphos retreat as a holiday home a few times a year. Others come to relax and enjoy the many shopping bargains that the town offers year round instead of hitting the streets of popular city shopping holidays like New York, for example. Others buy their Paphos home, move in for good and never look back.

Paphos has so many archaeological treasures that it appears on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The most popular places include The Roman Mosaics, Tombs of the Kings and Paphos Castle, just as examples, but Paphos has more than geography and history to get into. Paphos has its on aquarium and bird park full of natural animal wonder and many Paphos visitors also enjoy exploring the beautiful Akamas peninsula or joining a jeep safari for the day. Homes for sale in Paphos offer the buyer so much more than a simple roof over their head. You would be buying into a lifestyle fit for a monarch.

Ktima (Upper Paphos) is at the top of the hill, and Kato Paphos (Lower Paphos) at the foot of the hill by the harbour. In Kato Paphos you’ll find the usual tourist shops filled with all the usual nic-nacs, but expensive jewellery shops do exist in the area too. Gold designs are very reasonably priced and many women take advantage of the exceptionally well priced precious stones. Women love to retire in Paphos. If you are concerned about missing out on your weekly shopping sprees when buying a home in Paphos, never fear because British High Street names like Debenhams and Marks & Spencer can be found in your new sunny retreat too. What’s more, living in Paphos is ideal for those with a huge stash of savings in the bank account or those who live on a modest budget too. Paphos caters for anyone wanting to buy a home abroad.

Up the hill in Ktima there is a wonderful blend of European-style fashion and footwear shops for all the family, pottery shops and on the corner of Markarios Avenue (close to the market) a stall selling the most delicious loukoumades (tiny balls of dough that are deep fried and soaked in a honey syrup). Taking in the sun, browsing through the fashions and tasting new foods are just some of the reasons why homes for sale in Paphos are just so popular.

Markets full of spices, traditional craft workshops, chairmakers and several tailors who can make a stylish new suit in just days, are but more examples of what to expect in your new home when buying a place in Paphos, whether you’re buying to move into or simply investing in for those various weekly occasions in the year when you’re looking to relax a little. Buying a home in Paphos is full of positives and devoid of negatives. There is no more reason to wait. Get buying and start enjoying!

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