Grayling MI Real Estate – Have Bruised Credit But Want To Buy A Home Or Need to Sell Your Home Now

Deborah K. Vick

The Grayling MI real estate listings have much to offer. If you are interested in Grayling Michigan real estate, but you fear that your credit could be a problem, we have some information that may be helpful.

If you are a seller, frustrated with conventional methods available to you, the information provided here will give you something to think about.

A Bit About Grayling

The Grayling Michigan real estate market covers both the city of Grayling and the surrounding township. If you are familiar with the area, you may know that the history of this part of Michigan revolves around logging and fishing. Grayling is the name of a fish that at one time populated the lakes and streams in the area.

When the first Europeans began exploring this area, it was mostly old-growth or “virgin” forest. Thus, the Grayling Michigan real estate market began with investors purchasing large tracts of land for the valuable pine trees.

It has been said that Grayling is a “living reminder of Michigan as it was before the lumber era.” Some trees in nearby Hartwick Pines State Park are over 300 years old. Much of the land for the park was donated to the state by one of the original Grayling MI real estate investors. It is now the largest park on the lower peninsula.

A large number of cabins, some with “log-siding”, are included in the Grayling MI real estate classifieds. The Au Sable River, which passes through the city, hosts an annual canoe race and is home to the only paddle wheel river boat operating in northern Michigan.

If the outdoor lover in you wants to buy Grayling Michigan real estate, but you have past credit problems, you should know that owning a home in the city of Grayling or a cabin in the county is a possibility. If you have steady income, can afford the monthly payments and have saved a few thousand dollars, you may qualify for buying a rent to own home.

A lease option (aka rent to own) is a simple agreement which gives a renter the option to buy a property at a later time. The few thousand is called a lease option consideration. A lease option works in the Grayling Michigan real estate market and just about anywhere in the state.

As investors, we can help you find a home in the Grayling MI real estate market (or in another area) that fits your family’s needs and your budget. We can put you in that home on a “rent-to-own” basis until you are able to get financing.

If you already own Grayling Michigan real estate and you need to sell quickly, we may be able to buy your property. Thousands of properties in Michigan have ended up in foreclosure.

The current economy has caused problems for many people. Sometimes it becomes impossible to make the payments and sometimes moving is the only option. But, if you need to sell quickly or you have been trying to sell Grayling MI real estate without success, real estate investors may be able to assist you.

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