Different Wood Furniture to Enhance Your Home Décor 

Deborah K. Vick

How to Mix Wood Tones in Your Home Like a Designer

Wood furniture has a timeless appeal and is ideal for all kinds of interiors – contemporary, traditional, sophisticated, and funky. Wood provides a perfect canvas and many design options including intricate carving, clear lines, and latticework. There’s different type of wood furniture available in the market, along with the option of online furniture shopping as well. If you’re looking to upgrade your home or office furniture, then here’s what you can expect to find at the leading furniture stores. 

Wooden Bedroom Furniture

Wooden furniture can compliment both big and minimalistic bedroom styles. Wooden bed can never get out of fashion and if you’re looking for comfort and style, then search for modern beds with straight lines. Simple, plain wood headrest with smooth polish can go well with any kind of theme. Add sophistication to your room with wooden bed frame, accentuated with leather or fabric upholstery. You can either go for a single-piece bed or the complete bedroom set that includes side tables, console, and a chest. 

Wooden Dining Set

Dining area remains one place in every house where family gets together, share meals, laughter, and talk about their day. Make it a perfect, comfortable space by investing in solid wooden dining tables and chairs, along with accent furniture like cabinets and stools. Dining table is an anchor piece in any dining room which can fit according to style, needs, and space. There are so many options available in dining tables, be it shape or size. All the top furniture shops have round, square, and rectangle dining tables, in a seating of four, six, eight, and twelve. Of course, dining table Dubai websites like WOODGreen provide an option of getting it customized according to your requirement.

Wooden Cabinets & Consoles 

Stylish consoles and cabinets are a perfect addition to any living space, enhancing the overall décor. Spruce up a quiet corner in your living room or make a focal point in your entrance with classy consoles. Furniture shops and designers cater to modern, chic, boho, and traditional tastes, providing plenty of options like carved cabinets, antique consoles, and contemporary styling. Display your expensive cutglass items, fine dinnerware, and decoration pieces on beautifully designed cabinets, making it a highlight of your living area. 

Wooden Accents & Accessories 

Online furniture brands like WOODGreen offer a huge variety like Art Deco, American Arts, European, and Mid Century inspired wooden furniture. Got the right furniture for your home? Now go for chic accessories like mirrors, chests, and rustic craft to elevate the look of your living space. Add accents with high stools available in silver, gold, and metallic finish, blended with wood to create a unique piece. Make sure when you buy wooden furniture that its of good quality, enough to last you years with just minor maintenance. It’s best to get your furniture polished once a year and avoid keeping it in direct sunlight.

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