Deals on Homes for Sale in Paphos Cyprus

Deborah K. Vick

The incredible charm offered by Paphos, the former capital of Cyprus, is apparent in the homes for sale in Paphos, Cyprus. As legend has it, Paphos is the birthplace of the goddess of love. The romance that the city provides all but proves such a rumour. If it is a romantic holiday you seek, homes for sale in Paphos, Cyprus offer the perfect retreat.

Tourism is what drives modern day Paphos. Investors and property management companies are eager to buy or sell Cyprus property in Paphos. Paphos is divided into two sections, Ktima, which is the residential section, and Kato, which is the resort area. Both sections are booming with new development, Paphos being ideal for both holidaymaking and living in Cyprus. For quieter living, permanent homes in Cyprus will be found mostly in Ktima. But for a bustling holiday, homes for sale in Paphos, Cyprus in the Kato resort area are a good choice. Both sections of Paphos offer their own charms, history, and luxury, and both should be considered when planning to buy homes in Cyprus, and buy or sell Cyprus property in general.

The area that surrounds homes for sale in Paphos, Cyprus is rich in historical charm. Cheap car hire in Cyprus can be obtained in Paphos, giving holidaymakers the freedom to travel to nearby sights. To see a play, or listen to the orchestra, the Acropolis is a popular destination. The area surrounding is also ideal when planning to buy homes for sale in Paphos, Cyprus. A short drive north of Paphos is the pool where Aphrodite is said to have bathed. The pool is beautifully serene, and is shaded by a large fig tree. Another tree of interest to holidaymakers is the old pistachio tree that guards the entrance to the catacombs of Kato. The faithful continually tie cloth offerings to its branches, making it an unusual and interesting sight.

Also interesting are the ancient mosaic floors that once adorned noblemen’s homes. More mosaics are being unearthed all the time, and can be seen near Paphos’ harbour. And, the Tomb of the Kings, which actually houses the remains of aristocrats rather than kings, is another historically important sightseeing destination. If culture and history are considerations, these things will all factor in favour of a decision to buy home in Paphos, Cyprus, when considering where to buy homes in Cyprus.

Coral Bay in Paphos is an elegant place for a holiday, famous for its glass-like water, immaculate sand, and salty ocean breeze. Coral Bay is a wise choice for investors looking to buy or sell Cyprus property, and to buy homes in Cyprus. The bay is popular with sportsmen and surfers, and is very close to nice restaurants and lively pubs. And adding to the family fun, Aphrodite Water Park is also located nearby.

To see the sights of Paphos from the air, hire a flight for the afternoon. The Petra Tou Rominou is spectacular from the ground or from the air. Translated, “Rock of Aphrodite,” it is said to be the specific birthplace of the goddess. Today the cliffs are welcoming to holidaymakers, with a restaurant and gift shop nearby. For a luxurious holiday away, or living in Cyprus full-time, homes for sale in Paphos, Cyprus are a truly delightful choice.

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