Bamboo Hardwood Floors – The New Trend in Home Decor

There’s a new trend in home decorating that brings both form and function to the home in a beautiful and environmentally friendly way. Bamboo hardwood floors are the new trend in home decorating that has taken floor manufacturers by storm.

Chinese people have known for hundreds of years that the stalk of the bamboo plant is strong and will last for hundreds of years. They have used it for structural building and the testament to its strength lies in those buildings still standing today. Now, this strong, beautiful wood has made its way to flooring in homes around the world.

Traditionally, hardwood floors have been made from oak, pine or other hardwood trees. However, these flooring options are expensive, require high maintenance, are expensive to repair or refinish and are detrimental to the environment. Bamboo hardwood floors’ traits are polar opposites of these.

Bamboo is an environmentally sound choice. It is able to replenish itself so quickly that the environmental impact of harvesting it is negligible. In a short three to six years a harvested patch of bamboo can be ready for harvest again. Hardwood trees on the other hand require fifty to one hundred years to be ready for harvest.

This saves the land from being altered, the atmosphere from losing a valuable nitrogen-carbon dioxide exchange, and many animals from being displaced after their homes are taken away. These factors all add up to changing the world in ways that can’t be reversed and can alter life on the planet forever.

Bamboo is also not nearly as expensive as other hardwood floors. This does not mean it is cheap, just not as expensive as traditional hardwoods. Additionally, there are several types of bamboo hardwood floors, each with different pricing structures. These floors offer practically anyone the opportunity to install hardwood bamboo floors.

Finally, bamboo is an easy to maintain option in hardwood flooring. Daily dusting to remove the traffic dirt and an occasional damp mop to remove built up dirt will keep bamboo looking beautiful for years to come. The newest trend in home décor flooring choices is also one of the smartest decisions for the environment. Bamboo floors bring beauty to the home and longer life to the planet.

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