May 29, 2022


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9 Ways to Decorate with Rattan for Gorgeous Natural Texture in Every Room

Created from climbing vine-like plants, rattan is a natural element used for making baskets, furniture, and many other accents for the home. It is a flexible yet durable product. It can be woven and bent into several patterns and shapes. Although rattans are used primarily on patio furniture because of their weather resistance, they are not restricted only to outdoor spaces. Whether used as a tabletop accessory or for lightning, or on the furniture, this tropical material will give your room that lush feeling. Rattan complements all decorative styles, including traditional, boho, and coastal décor. You can even paint it to give it a contemporary look. 

Here are 9 decorating ideas with rattan. These ideas will help you exhibit its natural beauty in your home.

  1. Breath a new life into your living room with rattan furniture

You can weave rattan into furniture, including folding screens, accent tables, chairs, sofas, etc. It is lightweight, affordable, and available. It is the perfect accent to keep your house refreshed, especially when you want a budget-friendly decoration.

  1. Make your bedroom more pleasing with this natural element

Rattan benches and chairs have natural tones and textures that perfectly complement your bedroom colour scheme. You can decorate one empty room corner with an aesthetic rattan chair or put a rattan bench at the foot of your bed for more decorative touches. Rattan furniture is very easy to carry.

  1. Rattan complements different styles

Rattan fits all styles, whether the boho style or the shabby-chic style. It gives your room that casual feel, and it adds a lot of warmth to the room. To add to your rattan’s beauty, you can pair it with botanical, floral, plant prints, or other natural elements like wood and jute.

  1. Brighten your rooms with light fixtures made with rattan

Get a rattan fixture with an open pattern, place it under the light to illuminate the room, and spread the light across the entire room.

Photo: 1825 Interiors

  1. Use caned rattan pieces to boost your style

Interior decorators use the outer bark of rattans to construct cane furniture. They usually have a multidirectional open-weave decorative style. They are commonly used for chair backs. Although this technique has roots in ancient times, it is still relevant today.

  1. Create storage spaces with rattan materials

Rattan baskets are perfect for creating storage spaces. They are designed in different sizes and shapes to be tucked away easily. They can enter virtually everywhere.

  1. Stain or paint your rattan for a contemporary twist

Like wood, you can paint your rattan materials with all shades of colours. Adding colour to the rattan gives it an instant modern look. You can spray the rattan furnishings with paint. Opt for the splashy, bold, or white colour for a classy traditional look.

  1. Energise neutral spaces

When you decorate neutral spaces with rattan, it adds lots of visual interest to the room without adding new colours. The natural material gives a contrasting texture that stands out from other materials in the room.

  1. Add rattan to your kids’ rooms

Rattans are easy to clean and lightweight, making them the perfect materials for your kids’ rooms. It can be used as a durable addition to the children’s bedrooms, playrooms and several other areas in the home.