5 Ways to Level Up Your Home This Weekend

Deborah K. Vick

While big, ambitious home projects may be the ones that get showcased on HGTV shows, much of the work of keeping a home looking great and functioning well is done in the bits of time you can carve out of your busy schedule. Even if you aren’t a very handy person, it is possible to devote a few hours during a weekend to create a meaningful impact on your home, save some money, and maybe even make the house better for a future home sale effort

Do a Whole-House Energy Audit

This may seem like a simple walk around your home, but it can have major impacts. One of the first things to look for in a whole-house audit is the edges of doors and windows: are there snug seals and good weatherstripping, or can you feel shifts in the air that prove that drafts are getting in and thus also getting out? You also want to evaluate the age and type of your appliances, from HVAC to hot water heaters to kitchen appliances. Whenever one of these items is both older, known for being energy inefficient, and in need of a major repair, it’s a good idea to have some money saved aside to replace the appliance with a better one. A home energy audit helps you make a list of priorities for other kinds of energy savings, like adding insulation to floors, walls, or the attic.

Choose New Bathroom or Kitchen Hardware

If you are in the mood for a new look but don’t want to pay for a complete remodel or get all dusty and sweaty yourself, consider picking and installing new hardware in a bathroom or kitchen that was previously quite dated. Newer hardware can make a whole space feel different despite not being a huge outlay of cash.

Pressure-Wash Siding and Driveways

If you have the gumption, rent a pressure washer, make sure you understand the safety tips and how closely to use the washer for your particular surfaces, and clean off your home and drive. Pressure washing can remove unsightly moss and dirt and make your driveway look much more like it was just poured as a new home’s driveway, helping your home live up to its true value.

Choose and Paint an Accent Wall

If you aren’t in the mood to paint an entire room, you can pick a day, put up some painter’s tape, and add a bold-color accent wall in one of your rooms, maybe the one you like spending the most time in. This only requires you to select one color of paint and can add a little artistic pop to the space, especially if you’ll be selling the home in the next few months.

Seal a Deck or Exterior Staircase Wood weathers quickly outdoors, and if you think your deck, patio, or outdoor staircase have seen better days, you can make those items nicer. Following the instructions to apply sealant can help the wood weather longer and stronger, and adding screws instead of nails can sometimes make these wooden structures less rickety if they’ve been in use for a long time.

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