5 Outdoor Christmas Decorations Ideas


The festive season is here, and Christmas is around the corner! For many people, outdoor Christmas decorations are the best way to get into the Christmas spirit, and they get creative! However, as stunning as these outdoor decorations are, they are in storage for most of the year. Many people store their festive decorations in their garage or look at Shedstore reviews if they plan on purchasing a shed. Sheds are perfect for safely storing Christmas decorations.

If decorating the outside of your home is your calling this year, have a look at five of these outdoor Christmas ideas: 

1. Christmas string lights

String lights are the most versatile Christmas decorations, which is why they are so popular. However, many homeowners like to stick with trendy home designs, so they skip the classic rainbow lights and decorate their homes with white or gold string lights. All these lights are beautiful, and you can choose which string lights are perfect for you, depending on your style. 

2. Christmas Wreaths 

Christmas wreaths are a traditional decoration many homeowners hang on their front doors during the festive season. Wreaths are perfect if subtle is your style. Furthermore, you can buy one or make it yourself! In addition, you can purchase or make a wreath out of seasonal branches and flowers. If you wish to keep the wreath for later years, buy or DIY the decoration with plastic tree branches or cloth. You can also decorate your wreath with faux snow and lights. 

3. Inflatables

Homeowners know how to get creative with this one. Celebrators have added a twist to their Christmas inflatables. For example, Star Wars and Snoopy inflatables among the Christmas decorations have been an eye-catcher. If you want to stick to tradition, consider buying a classic Santa and reindeer or snowman inflatable. In addition, grinch inflatables have been making their rounds the past few years and are perfect if you’d like to add a bit of a twist and humour to your decorations this year. 

Firstly, make sure you have enough space for an inflatable. You wouldn’t want Santa blocking the pathway to your front door. Furthermore, keep your inflatables away from pets. Dogs are known for biting nasty punctures in inflatables. If this happens, you don’t need to throw the decoration away; anti-puncture tape will seal the hole and save you from buying another inflatable. 

4. Hanging snowflakes 

You can buy hanging snowflakes or make them yourself. In addition, you can place these in the trees in your garden, on your porch, or in your windows. Furthermore, these decorations are a perfect way to spice up your outdoors if you are on a strict budget. Buy a stack of paper or use paper around the house and get creative! 

5. Garlands

Garlands are a great decoration to show your neighbours you’re feeling the Christmas spirit this year. Garlands are usually an assortment of natural or faux pine branches, and you can decorate them with lights or fake snow to fit the theme of your outdoors this year. 

Final Notes 

Outdoor Christmas decorations are a great way to get into the Christmas spirit. And remember, when you’re all done, take a step back and be proud of the beautiful scenery you created this festive season. 

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